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Clean Hands


The water poured over the palm of my hand as I blindly and routinely followed the process. You start at the heal of the palm massaging the soap into the hand, then between the fingers, and then down to the fingertips. Once you have rinsed thoroughly you repeat the process once more and then dry promptly with a towel. (This is the instruction in my Dad’s old medical textbook. I looked it up once because I was shocked that people had to be told how to do something so simple.) The water felt cool and refreshing. Eyes locked on my hands, I thanked the Lord for clean hands.

You might not know, but most diseases in our world can be prevented by washing your hands and basic sanitation. In many countries people die of bacterial infections because they don’t wash their hands properly. I remember as a child watching my Dad’s slide shows from his missionary trips to Africa. (Dad was a medical doctor, so those slides were gross, and awesome to a 12 year old.) Dad would say, “Educating mothers on basic sanitation can save entire generations of children! It’s as simple as teaching them to wash their hands and boil the water.”

So, I stand at the porcelain sink and ponder the great gift of clean hands. Free from disease, infection, and parasites all because of clean hands. I stand unafraid of some of the most common killers in our world today all because of clean hands. I stand with clean hands and I am able to wash them freely.

I repeat the process one last time and thank God again for clean hands.

It’s Friday, April 18th, 2014… Good Friday. The thought catches me unaware and I hold back tears. He washed me and I have clean hands.

This is the day that my hands are cleaned. Not because I washed them at some sink with soap, but because He is gracious and washed me clean by His death on a cross. This is the day that my God washed my sins away. My hands are clean because His love is great.

I wash my hands again and whisper thanks that He has made me clean. His blood covered over my sin soaked hands and washed away death. The refreshing water of life redeemed my soul from death. My hands are clean. I whisper thanks as I remember His great Love. I wipe away a tear, a gesture He will one day do for me as well. My hands are clean.