Re-Created. My first book!

ReCreated_4This is my first book! It is a walk through the gospel of John. Writing this work has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I hope it serves to advance the Gospel!

The Gospel of John has long been my favorite of the four gospels. Its unique perspective and complex rhythm have captured my heart and drawn me to a deeper understanding of Jesus. The theme of John’s gospel is that Jesus is God. He is God come to earth to re-create the hearts of the people He loves so dearly. I’ve been privileged to teach through the Gospel of John three times as a pastor. Each time, the Lord has been faithful to reveal more and more of His character through the text.

Nic2As I preached through John most recently I used some artistic aids to help explain and teach the text. I found that the gospel was illuminated in a unique and inspiring way through these efforts. Through art and poetry the story came alive to me. As I journeyed with Jesus through the narrative of John, I found art and poetry capturing and elucidating truth in a way that giving a speech or an exegesis could not. What resulted was this work.10 feet2.jpeg

It is my deepest desire that this work would serve to advance the teaching of the gospel. I long for people to see Jesus. I want them to know Jesus the way I know Jesus. I want people to see His love and grace, to feel His anger at injustice, to understand His kindness to those who hate Him, and to hear His voice calling them out of darkness. Our world has so many convoluted ideas and depictions of Jesus. It is my hope that this work will draw people to see Jesus more clearly through the Scripture.fruit2

I pray you are blessed as you read through this work. I was blessed in the writing.

If you’d like to see a sample of the poetry here is a free pdf of two poems from the book: pdfsample2poems

Re-Created is available for purchase here:

If you are interested in bulk orders, please contact me at with the subject heading: Re-Created Bulk Order

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