I Did Cast My Vote: a Poem

I thought about calling this “I didn’t vote for Him.” but realized that would be click-bate and I hate that nonsense…  so This poem was inspired by the recent discussions of our new president. It really doesn’t talk about him… so if you are looking for political fodder for your angst or encouragement for politics, you wont find it. But here’s a poem.

We voted on ballots loaded with candidates
Remembering our votes would serve to mark the date
We chose the lesser of two evils, holding balance like Weebles®
Tottering back and forth, in our course
of sinful disposition
praying the Lord, save us from our own decisions

But remember when our ballots held His name?
and we proclaimed “Barabbas!” in extreme disdain?
The hope of life eternal, standing before us
Beaten, bloodied, bruised, ready to be poured out over us
Our vote was clear, “Sin’s the master here!”

Yet rejecting our vote, He took our shame and disgrace
Sacrificed Himself in grace for His name and our sake
He lay His life down to raise Himself King
Accepting not our votes, they were wasted things
He died on the tree bearing the reproach
of all who believe, all those who did vote
against His majesty, glory, and might
He made enemies sons, and ended our night.

So we lay our vote down, for he bears a King’s crown.
You see, to elections Kings do not submit
They are Kings after all, in spite of all this
The good news is this King of whom I speak
Has come to rescue, the dead, lame, and weak
He died in our place, but entombed did not remain
He granted life to the Saints who trust in His name

My vote was cast for Hell and for Death
But my King rejected it, bringing me rest
He handed me life when I demanded my say!
Then He rescued my soul, showing me His way
By no work of my hand, He made me His own
Now life in my being comes from His life alone.

He is the life giver, my King so gracious
He is my only righteousness, my own goodness fallacious
His life is now mine, having taken my death
To the cross at Golgotha, laying it to rest
So vote as you will, He the King does remain
His glory is eternal, and His rule is the same!



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