Space to Breathe

officeThe human soul needs space to breathe. Our souls are far more poetic than we like to believe. The poetry of our inner-most being simply expresses itself in a variety of expressions. One person may revel in the glory of a sunset or be drawn to the serenity of a lake. Another may be refreshed by examining the inner-workings of machinery or marveling over a system’s complexity. Each of us carry within ourselves the awe of humanity. We are refreshed most when we stand in awe of something greater than ourselves. For each of us, that awe comes a little differently. But one thing is certain: in order to breathe, we must have space.

Your capacity for awe is magnified or diminished based on the margin you are provided. We need this. We need space to think, to delight, to know. We need to be free to rejoice, to mourn, to rest, and to process. The more margin (space) I have, the more I can revel in what I see of God. Likewise, the less space I have, the less I can capacity I have to see Him and the more narrow my vision becomes. Awe is seeing, make space in your life or you might go blind.

Recently I was given an office.  It has quickly become one of my favorite spaces. It is just a room, but it is a room that affords me space. I’m not naturally an introvert, but I have become one. I need space… so do you. I find myself recharging best at a desk with a book and a notepad. Give me a few minutes of silence and the Bible and I’ll be a different person. This is the nature of  awe. When we take time to breathe and worship, we find ourselves. We see with clarity. We reveal who we are in light of the magnificent glory of the One who is Greater. And we are drawn to transform into something greater ourselves.

Each day I spend some time in this room. I revel in the glory of who God is at some point. This room affords me that necessary time that all people need for awe. I cannot express how grateful I am for this room.

How do you “awe?” Do you have a space? Do you need to make space?


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