What’s Going on With the Elkins?

As many people know, I resigned from my position as youth pastor at FBC Brazoria back in May. After almost nine years of satisfying and fruitful ministry, this was a difficult decision, and at that time, we were completely unaware of what God’s future plans for us involved.  However, the months following this decision saw the start of a very different and exciting journey for our family that has moved us into a new phase of life and ministry. After much seeking after the Lord, we began to feel strongly that He was directing us to plant a church. With the encouragement of the Gulf Coast Baptist Association, the elder board at Baptist Church of The Redeemer, (the church Steph and I came to Brazoria from 9 years ago and currently attend), and several other close friends, we began gathering in September on Sunday nights with a few other people who felt the same calling.  As our prayers continued to be answered and as doors continued to open, we were led through the process of forming Sovereign Grace Fellowship.

It has truly been a work of God to bring us to this point! Every step of the way we have felt His hand and direction as we have sought His will in our lives. We have been amazed by how many miraculous answers to prayer we have seen throughout this process! Our continued love for the area in which we live and our desire to see disciples of Jesus raised up here has grown all the more.

What’s next?

Throughout the month of January we will have a modified worship service each Sunday night at 6:30pm. In these services we will walk through the membership process and explain the church’s beliefs, character, and goals. At the end of January, people will be given the opportunity to join the church. All are welcome to come, even if you’re just wanting to check things out or enjoy a time of worship with us.

So, in answer to the questions I have been asked over the last few months:

Are you preaching anywhere?

Yes, I fill pulpits whenever needed, and I am teaching every Sunday night in our home at 6:30pm.

What is this new church going to be like?

One of the distinctive points of the church will be covenant membership. This means that believers who wish to join will be walked through the church’s statement of faith and the church covenant and then be given an opportunity to join. As a community we will strive to hold each other to the covenant through loving encouragement. You can find the covenant here.

The church will have a very simple structure with very few events/programs. We will have some weekly small groups, a Sunday morning service, and a monthly prayer meeting.

The church will exist to make balanced disciples of Jesus Christ. We will strive to do that by focusing on three distinctives.

  1. To declare and defend the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the nature of God.
  2. To delight in the person and character of Christ by cultivating beauty in all of life and in our surrounding cultures.
  3. To display the mission of God through community and mission-centered life.

Where will you meet?

We don’t know the exact location… we have started in our home (106 Yerby St. Brazoria TX), and God will direct us to a different location in His time.

When will you start Sunday morning services?

We are not positive, but most likely sometime in the spring.

What will be the worship style?

Scripture-centered, simple, reverent, and focused on communion with Christ. We will read Scripture, sing some songs, read more Scripture, and have an expository message. At the conclusion of each service we will take communion together.

Why start a church in the Brazoria area? Aren’t there already churches there?

  • We have always felt God call us to do ministry “wherever we are.” At this point in our lives, we find ourselves here.
  • After nine years of ministry here, we have continued to grow a love for this community and these people, and we feel God continue to lay a burden on our hearts for this area.
  • We believe that this church will provide a different and unique expression of church in our area that will reach people for Christ.
  • The harvest is plentiful! Praise God for more laborers in this place!

Can we help?

You can pray for us as we move forward on this journey!

You can share this post with those who ask about us and our ministry.

If you would like to financially support this church, you can make checks out to Sovereign Grace Fellowship and mail them to 106 Yerby St. Brazoria, TX 77422.