Triangles are my favorite shape.

triangleEach point is unique. Each interacts with the outside world in a unique direction. Each shows it’s character in the direction it points. Each point directs the gaze in towards something else. Each certifies it’s own angle by the direction it points. The points are entirely unique and lead us to recognize the realities around the triangle from a different perspective.

The angles within each point magnify the other points. Each angle proclaims the greatness of the other points. Magnifying the space within, the angles direct us to each of the other points. They glorify each other with no malice or envy.  Each angle is dependent on the other points of the triangle for it’s own character and yet each angle points to the others.

In perfect interaction with the other points, the triangle can only be recognized when we are aware of all three points and all three angles.

So it is with the Trinity. So it is with God.

I’m just going to leave that there for you… have fun, merry Christmas.

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