God is Good: some thoughts on God.

God is good.  God IS good.  What I mean is this: God is the definition of good.  He is: that which is good.  Further, apart from God, there is no good.  Because God is good, He is also the sustainer of all that is good. (Col. 1:17, Acts 17:28) Good cannot exist on apart from God because God is good.  However, to be clear, the converse is NOT true.  Good is NOT God.  God exists as the definer and the definition of good, but God is not confined to a definition of good that is set forward at one time or another.  Good is defined by God, but God is not thereby relegated to a definition of good.  He remains above the definition as the creator of good.  In other words, there is not an external good that God is confined to obey.

Evil, is defined as “unserviceable” or “useless.” (TDNT -“poneros”) Let that sink in for a minute… Romans 12:9 states, “Love genuinely and hate Evil!” Hate that which is useless or unserviceable. Do we do that? How much time do we waste on useless things?  Convicting eh?  Back on topic: Evil is defined as “Useless,” thus; evil is only defined by that which it is not. One can only define what is useless by ascribing a use.  In other words, without a definite purpose or “good,” you cannot define evil.  You cannot insist on an object as useless or unserviceable unless you have an established use or service.  Much like a shadow helps to define an object, so the same is with evil.  Evil helps to provide definition for the object on which God, who IS good, shines on.  The purpose or definition is not in the shadow, but is in the light’s unveiling on the object.  The shadow exists only to show you where the light is.

So where does use come from?  Where does service come from?  It comes from that which is good.  And if God is the definer of good, then service and use come from God.


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