My Children see Jesus Everywhere!

2006-08-22 - Road Trip - Day 30 - United States - Texas - Groom - Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ Ministries - Telephone Poles - Sepia

Riding in the car yesterday on the way to grandma’s house (granddad is just a resident there evidently), my two year old proclaimed loudly, “OOHHHH look!  Mommy!  A cross, that Jesus died on!  A cross that Jesus died on to save us from our sins!”  I was tremendously perplexed.  You see, we live in Texas, so it is not uncommon for us to pass some church sign or billboard with a cross on it.  However, it is also not unusual to be driving through vast open space with nothing but telephone poles and big Texas sky.  Had I missed the billboard?  Had I missed the church sign!?  Was the sign hiding under one of those large bushes we like to call trees in Texas?  I was truly shocked.  I never miss reading a good church sign!  Church signs are a staple of comedic entertainment to me! How could I have missed it!?

My wife shifted in her chair, took note of where the precious girl’s concentrated gaze was aimed, and exclaimed, “that’s right Ellie! The telephone poles look like crosses!”  My little 2 year old daughter saw the telephone pole with its exalted cross bar and connected that image to the image of the savior of the world dying on the cross!  I tell you this: children see Jesus everywhere!

My beloved children have taught me this one great maxim: if you are looking for Christ, He is easy to find.  In Romans 1:20 Paul explains that God is knowable through natural means.  In Deuteronomy 30:11-14 God explains that He has come down from the heavens and brought His law to your hands…  you need not accomplish great feats to reach God.  In Ephesians 4 Paul explains that Jesus has come down to the lowest parts of the earth.  The reason my children can see Jesus everywhere is because He IS everywhere.  It is not as though Jesus is silent.  In 66 books you can find the LORD of Heaven proclaiming loud and clear who He is!  Evidently you can also find him in telephone poles, grocery stores, bugs, play sets, bath tubs, and countless other places my children have proclaimed “that’s like Jesus!”

So why don’t I see Him as easily?  It is not as if our God is silent and hiding.  He has placed Himself where everyone can see Him.  For goodness sake, you can look outside and behold His glory and you can open a book (the Bible) and feast on His word!  He is constantly speaking.  I think the problem is that I don’t look for Him.  My children are always on the lookout for Jesus.  They want to talk about Him, they want to ask questions about His hair and feet, they want to know everything about Him and they want to see Him.  I, on the other hand, feel like I know Him already and perhaps that I have already seen Him.  So maybe I could learn from my children.  While I may know Jesus, He is still teaching me things about Himself.  Look for Jesus, He is always there and He is always telling you things about Himself.


2 thoughts on “My Children see Jesus Everywhere!”

  1. Great post: Yes, our children are precious gifts from our Lord. He teaches us so much through our kids! Love you, Pastor John. Bless you and your precious family. ~coach sam
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