1000 Gifts: Review

ImageMy wife and I recently enjoyed walking through 1000 gifts.  The urge to communion with God through thanks is so powerfully spoken and displayed through this work that one cannot help but be drawn into an introspective examination of one’s own heart.  The path that Ann Voskamp leads the reader to walk directs the soul to gratitude as the secret of contentment in this life.  I could hardly do justice to this work by trying to explain a plot line or a story behind the work.  This is an inspirational work of art that is powerfully suited to encourage the soul to worship.

As my wife and I read this work, my heart was inspired toward gratitude for countless blessings every day.  Voskamp’s words opened my eyes to the power behind cultivating a heart of thanks toward God.  As we read through the trials in her life and family, my wife and I were inspired to awe in Jesus for the graciousness that he has displayed for us in so many ways every day.  Thankfulness is a hard thing to learn, but it is a joy to cultivate it.

Voskamp will also challenge your theology.  Be it reformed, emergent, or divergent, her words are founded in Scripture and supported by experience that does not elevate itself to authority but rather validates a greater authority.

I highly recommend this book!  Don’t be deceived by the cover, it is not a book for women.  Yes it is a woman’s journey into understanding thankfulness.  But lets’ be honest, her gender is a pitiful excuse for you not to turn off the TV and engage deep things of God.  Man up and read!  In the challenging words, you will find a perspective shift that will lead you to GREAT JOY!  Note: the stream of consciousness writing style is difficult to get used to, but stick with it, the content is worth learning to listen to the stream.

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