Stuff on my office wall, pt. 2

There are lots of things on my wall in my office.  Today I’d like to show you my corner. better corner

prayer corner

This corner is where my computer is located and it is where I answer e-mails and such.  You’ll note the infamous prayer wall.  I keep pictures of graduated students.  Each morning when I start my day I pray for the faces by name.  Each of these students has touched my life in a special way and I invest time each morning in

praying for their growth.  Now, before you go looking for your picture, some pictures overlap others and are difficult to see.  But I know they are there.  I pray for these students with earnest expectation that they would be missionaries to a dark world.  I had the privilege of training them for a while and now I get to watch them work.


Next there is a ton of Art Work.  Some by me some by others.  Anytime a student gives me a picture that they drew of me it goes here…  just behind  my computer.  Most of them are funny, so I get an opportunity to laugh at myself.

Students will occasionally take to heart something I teach them and give me a piece of art as a memento.  I especially love these gifts!  They tell me that students are listening and learning, even if it is often just simple artwork.    The other artworks that are in the corner shot I did.  I love to express myself through artwork and I try to incorporate that into teaching, event planning, logo design, etc…  You’ll also note the papers that have all kinds of things on them to remember.  Phone numbers, Scripture passages, sermon notes, etc.


The last thing I’d like to share with you is this portion above my computer. (pictured below) There is a picture from my wedding of my two brothers, my best friend, and myself.  Underneath that is an encouraging note I received when I first started at FBC Brazoria. (seriously I keep all of them.)  To the right is a picture of my gorgeous wife!  Just below that is a picture of the high school guys in my first youth group.  Then you have a picture of the great missionary Jeremy Parks and his family, I pray for them often down there in Quito.  A picture of Ally-Bird, a former youth who like a family member to me.  In the center is a drawing by my nephew Jackson!  He’s the coolest kid in the world and I love when he draws stuff for me.  I keep some encouraging notes and pictures above my computer.  Again, I’m not going to bore you as to why these are there, but I thought it would be fun.

close up of above computer

So what do you keep on your walls and why? post a comment and let me know.


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