Stuff on my office wall, part 1

The things that someone surrounds themself with can provide great insight into the character and personality of that person.  If someone surrounds themselves with golden trophies of former athletic achievements, then that tells you that they value their former athletic prowess.  If someone surrounds themselves with pictures of family, then they value family.  If someone surrounds themselves with mementoes from trips then they probably value their travel experiences.  Well, I was doing some introspection the other day and was looking around my office.  I won’t bore you with my own critical analysis of my character.  But I thought I’d share some of the things on my walls… because I think they’re cool

Painting by Greg Olsen
Painting by Greg Olsen

First, a painting by Greg Olsen sits directly over my desk.  This is my favorite painting.  It is a painting of Matthew 23 when Jesus Laments over Jerusalem.  He sits on a hill and overlooks the capital city of the people of God and proclaims, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem…”  You can imagine a tear falling down his face as he sits down in exasperation.  He weeps for His people.  This is the way I feel about the church in America.  My wife bought it for me when we were in our second year of marriage.  It serves as a reminder of my calling in ministry.  Within the painting is the reminder of my responsibility to my family.  I love my family and surround my calling around constant imagery of my life with them.

(You can find Greg Olsen’s print here:


Second, this is a wood carving that my wife’s Grand Father (Papa) did.  It sits above the calling.  It is probably one of the coolest art works in my office.  Papa is one of the most servant hearted men I have ever met.  He loves people with a love that I often cannot comprehend and he is the most patient man I have ever known.  On top of that, he can do almost anything.  Electrical problems, home structural problems, leadership issues, car problems, engine issues, weed eaters, plumbing, anything!  Papa can do almost everything and this piece of art is a constant reminder to me that Papa’s most admirable and endearing character trait is his constant connection to the Lord.  Likewise, I need to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and dependence on God and my connection with Him.


This third one may seem silly to some of you.  But I keep a small poster that was made for me on my Birthday by the staff at the church.  However, recognition in church work is uncommon and personal  anniversaries are almost never acknowledged.  So I keep almost all of them when I get them.  This one was on my wall and I left it there because it means a lot to me to know that others think about things like that.

DadThis is a picture of my Dad.  My dad was a great man and I keep this to remind myself of who I am, where I came from, and who I want to be.


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