The Attributes of God, volume 1. By A.W. Tozer

Sometimes I pick up the work of Tozer simply to remind myself that the investigation of God’s character is the single most awe inspiring activity that a Christian can undergo.  His challenging analysis of deep topics is immersed in a pastoral tone that allows the reader to be led to worship at the throne room of God.

For Tozer, all of God’s attributes stream from the idea that God is infinite.  An infinite God cannot fit into a box or a definition. Yet, infinity does not deny the ability to investigate. And so Tozer plumbs the depths of God in such a way as to draw the reader deeper into a worship of the most high that one cannot help but enjoy thinking about the great nature of God.

If you’re scared of deep theology, you shouldn’t be. But, if you are, Tozer may be a welcome introduction for you.  His concern is primarily pastoral in nature.  Tozer wants people to know the Living God! As a result he goes to great lengths to accomplish this task.  I hope that you will read this book.  If you read nothing else, read the Bible… if you will read only one more, make it “The Road to Reality,” by KP Yohannon.  BUT!  If you want to worship, read Tozer’s Attributes of God volume 1. I cried, laughed, and felt as though I walked with Christ as I read this work. It is excellent and challenging. Read it.


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