Touching Godliness through Submission! a fantastic book!

One of the most enjoyable books I’ve been challenged by this year.

Touching Godliness through submission.

I read this book once all the way through and was so moved that I am going back through it slowly so that I can absorb everything in it.  K.P. Yohannon is one of the most Godly men I have met in my life and also one of the most human.  One of my dreams was fulfilled this past spring when I was privileged to sit across from him at lunch. His brilliance and Godly character are only exceeded by his humility, simplicity, and love. He would probably chide me for complementing him so and say something like, “I’m just a hamburger and french fries guy!”  But, sitting with him for a few moments, was a wonderful experience I will not forget.  He is the founder of Gospel for Asia, a missions organization my wife and I support and you should too.

In his book he delves through scripture to teach the reader truths about Godliness that can only be learned when learning submission.  It is a difficult read and it is not always fun.  Since reading this book I have called and apologized to several leaders who I served poorly and with an unsubmissive spirit in my life.  This book will change the way you look at the leaders around you!  You should read every word!

This work flies in the face of the American independent spirit.  We don’t submit! We acquiesce, we allow, we permit, we agree, but NEVER submission!  As Americans we see submission as something someone who is weak does toward someone who is strong.  But we are STRONG!!!  No…  KP wisely shows us, God is strong… we are pitiful.  Through this book I have been on a journey to learn that submission is not a weakness, but is Godly.  Think about it: everything submits to authority except sinful man.  Even Jesus submitted to the pole tax, the Pharisees, and the Roman governor! Seriously, it’s some crazy deep submission Jesus gets into…  read Philippians 2! Through understanding submission and what that looks like when we are living it out, we can begin to grasp who God is and we will be blessed to know Him more fully.

KP begins by defining Submission and explaining what is at the core of submission.  Through Scripture he defends God’s design for submitting to authority and expounds on what it means to submit.  I was so convicted by this that I have even attempted to change the way I dress when I am in the presence of an authority.  Establishing where authority comes from, KP establishes where rebellion comes from.  That is, rebellion comes from sin and our sinful rejection of God.  A warning is fired across the reader explaining that rebellious people are not children of God, but children of the devil.  Through a series of Biblical examination and a smattering of personal anecdotes from his experience as a missionary, KP challenges the way we conceive of authority and Submission to that Authority.  I promise you…  if you read this carefully, you will know Jesus better. This book is fantastic!  Go buy it now or download it for free here:


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