Worship: a Collision of Expression






Occasionally in youth group we paint as an expression of worship.  Last night was one of those nights.  Now… please push the images of hippy-ness out of your mind.  Also, please fight the urge to think that each student has crayons and a piece of paper.  I am not a hippy nor do I play with crayons.  This is actually art produced for the purpose of worship.  It is an opportunity for the students to learn some truths about worship.  You see, when we paint together we express ourselves in a visible way on a canvas.  As each person adds to the canvas, the canvas becomes more united in its expression. What you add to the canvas is an expression born out of your own heart.  The various individual voices in the work begin to collide and gel in a unique and impressive way.   One person may paint a flower, another may add a bright blue streak across the flower, yet another may add some sort of complementary color around that, and finally someone else adds some sort of interpretation of a heart.  As each person lays down an individual representation of their expression and in the process of worship, the individual expressions collide to create an entirely unique expression of the body of Christ in worship.  Like the painting, our lives are lived out in acts of worship.  All of us have a voice to praise the Lord, hands to serve Him, and a mind to think on Him.  What we do with those God-given faculties is worship and what we express is some indication of who we are worshiping.  Either we can worship the Almighty or we are worshiping something else.  Romans 12:1 states that we are to give our lives to Him in worship.  Worship is not just singing, but is a lifestyle lived out in the imitation of Christ.  We use our lives in the body of Christ to magnify the Lord of all Glory.  Add your voice, worship the Lord today.  Here is some of the result of last nights worship.


A definite theme of last night seemed to be the healing Love of God.  Jesus work on the cross moved in our hearts so that we would see Him and be healed of the sin and given life.  Notice the reference to I Cor. 5:21. (V:XXI).   and the Healer answering prayers to redeem the sick on the earth.


As we paint we listen to music.  The music helps us to set our minds aright on the grace and truth of Our Lord and who He is.  Here we can see; He is the Author of All, He has great Love, He is Lord, and He rules over heaven.


Confronted with the cross, students responded baffled by the Love of Christ.  The grace of God displayed for us to see moves them to ask why, to layout the cross not as a emblem of suffering, but a sign of God’s heart, to establish the work of God as the one who brings light into this dark world.

DSC00134The powerful imagery grew from one member of the congregation painting an abstract symbol.  Another added the cross, another the glory, another the flowers, another the colors, another the foot print (difficult to find), and another the peace of God.

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