Just a Cute Story

Recently, my oldest daughter and I were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for her food to miraculously disappear.  This is a pretty common routine in our home.  She will sit at the table, humming and singing, asking, “Daddy will you feed me?”, pouting when I don’t, and so on.  All in all, the meal time process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 6 hours…  Or at least that is how it feels.  Durring these moments I will attempt to usurp her games and distract from her distractedness enough for her to inadvertently eat.  Often I interrupt her nursery rhymes.  For example:

Julia- Hickory dickory dock

Daddy- Pop goes the weasel!

Julia- No daaaady!  That’s not how it goes.

Daddy- Oh really?  How does it go?

Julia- Hickory dickory dock, the mouse!  The mouse daddy!

Daddy- Ok…  take a bite and let’s try again.

Julia eats a bite of food and we repeat the process.

Well, about a week ago we began our fun process of eating lunch and she started in:

Julia- I see the moon and the moon sees me

Daddy- God made the moon and God made French fries!

Now normally this would invoke a response of “No Daddy! That’s not how it goes!”  But today was different.  I interrupted with the wrong lyrics and my 3 year old daughter responded.

Julia- Yes Daddy, that is right, God made all the food for us to eat!

Daddy, still trying to maintain our odd ritual- God made the moon and God made meat!

Julia- Yes Daddy, God made meat and hamburgers, and French fries, and everything for His glory and so that we would have some food to eat!  God makes everything for His glory, and it is good.

At this point my beloved bride chimes in from the other room, laughing hysterically, “She got you there daddy.”

Sometimes my children are better theologians than I am.


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