Warm Socks and Zechariah

I have cold feet at night.  I didn’t always, but somewhere in my late 20’s I began to feel the chill in my feet as I walked around my house.  I am 30 now, so this is a relatively recent development.  Often my feet will even hurt because of the sharp chill that shoots through my feet on the cold tile of the kitchen and bathrooms in my home.  I am fully convinced that this pain is perhaps the most annoying pain to endure right before bedtime.  Well, I was reading through Zechariah and came across verse 6 of chapter 14.

It says, “On that day there shall be no light, cold, or frost.”  How wonderful, there will be no need for slippers!

Now to be fair, Zechariah was talking about the coming of the Lord… not cold feet and slippers.  On “that day” He will level His enemies and will set up the temple in perfection.  In verses 6-7 we are told that there is no more day or night, just light.  It is peculiar that there would be no day or night, just light!?  Think about it, there will be no more time passage.  Just light!  No more need for a sun, just The Son.  No more need for lights on the earth, for the Light will dwell on earth with us!  Can you imagine just having light?  No more darkness.  No more hiding.  No more secrets.  Everything will be brought to light.  Everything will be exposed.  (I know, you thought this would just be happy, but that would be far to uncharacteristic for me.)  Everything that we have been so careful to tip toe around and avoid will be laid bare before the Light!

Verse 8 is the picture of life coming from the temple in Jerusalem.  We see the same picture in Ezekiel when there is a stream from the altar.  You see, when Christ returns life will cover the world from the altar on which the Lamb was slain.  You get it?  Christ’s death and resurrection is a river of life, covering the whole earth, overwhelming the sin that has corrupted the earth.  Just as there was a stream of blood coming from the altar during the day of atonement historically, so in “that day” the river of life will flow from the altar of God.  What is amazing is that it covers the whole earth and overwhelms even the sea!  Now, just in case you don’t know.  You must believe in Christ in order to be given access to this life.  If you don’t believe, you’re part is verse 12 and following.  (Scary!)  Jesus brings us life!  His blood sacrificed on the altar of the cross grants us salvation and will become life to the whole earth!  Repent from sin and believe in Christ!

Verse 9-11 proclaim that God is ruler.  Not only that, but He will level the playing field so that the ONLY high place is where He rules!  How awesome!  The throne of the Lord, where the Priest/King sits is the temple of Jerusalem.  He rules as High Priest and King over the entire earth.  The imagery is unmistakable… you cannot have another God.  All the field around will be leveled and the ONLY one given worship will be the King who reigns in the Holy City.  He is the only God and there will be no other high places for false worship.

Throughout the book of Zechariah the Lord takes care to redeem his people constantly sanctifying those who were dirty, stained with sin.  He intercedes for His people and punishes His enemies.  In the end, the Lord returns for His people and, in gracious love, He rules over his people.

So…  I look forward to no more cold feet.  For now my warm socks will just remain a shadow of  heaven.