Missional Unity

Because the majority of people who read my blog also read my brother’s blog (all 6 of you) I thought I’d clarify some things for you. 

My brother discipled me, he taught me to read my Bible when I was 13 years old.  He has a deep love for Jesus and the Bible.  He is probably my best friend and he is one of the first people I would call for advice on church matters and most other things.  We’ve had fights with each other and we’ve fought against common enemies together.  That having been said, Jeff and I disagree on some things and while we recognize those disagreements, there are a few things we agree on that trump our disagreements.  These are the support for our work together in the Kingdom and our love for each other as brothers and Christians.  I would like to enumerate those for you below.


  1. The mission of God.  Jeff and I agree that God has a mission.  He had this mission before He had a church and that mission is to rescue His people and display His love (character) over the earth. 
  2. The job of Christians: The job of a Christian is to live ON MISSION with/ for Christ.  As a result we fiercely share our faith and try to live our lives like Jesus.  Even the things we buy for entertainment are to be looked at as tools for the advancement of the Gospel (sorry I went all churcheze on you just then.)  I mean for the advancement of God’s mission.  We are missionaries in this world, everyone of us.  Therefore our work and efforts are to be combined for the sake of His mission. 
  3. The Lordship of Jesus.  Jeff and I agree that you cannot persist as a growing Christian and not have a life lived on mission with Jesus.  Though that may come in different manifestations depending on your culture/ecology, Jesus is Lord!  That means that your heart is changed by your confrontation with Him.  You will grow and move and live in the power of the Spirit in the strength of faith. 
  4. Jesus is the only one who can save you.  Yeah….  No amount of work can defeat your sin, or rescue you from it.  He is the transforming agent in the human heart.  You must believe in Christ to receive salvation from sin. 
  5. The Bible is the Word of God.  No no…  I mean it.  It is God’s.  It is what He says.  It is His Word and it is His revelation of His mission and character with and to us.  It is how we get to know God.
  6. Principles never change.  Methodology always changes and indeed it must.  There are principles that never change: Jesus Saves, The Bible is the Word of God, God is Love, Mankind is naturally communal, Mankind needs Christ, Justice matters to God and should to us, people are wicked, etc…  How those principles are dealt with and addressed are through specific methodologies.  Example: Sunday  School, Small group Bible study, Personal quiet times, Sermons, devotionals, etc…  are all methods that are attempting to answer the principles that the Bible is God’s Word, and people need to know God.    
  7. You were made to work!  As a Christian you were made to work hard to live out your faith.  We are called a Kingdom of Priests in I Peter.  We are the priests in this world and we need to take the light into a dark and dying world.  You ought to think deeply about God, who He is, and how that affects the way you live.  You ought to challenge status quo.  You are to strive together in an effort to know the LORD deeply and follow in His mission.  We live in a fallen world and we have the answer.  So get to work!


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