The Feeling of Family

I don’t know how to describe the feeling I get welling up in my soul when I think about the brothers and sisters whom I have never met, but feel as though I know.  It is as if my soul is somehow intertwined with theirs in such a way that it rocks me to my very core.  My heart breaks when I hear stories of their trials and rejoices when I hear stories of their victories.  And when I see them, it is as if I see a family member for the first time in years! 

 You know that feeling right?  The feeling that you have been so far away and you see them and all that is within you wants to just hold them close and weep for joy of seeing them.  That feeling you get when you have been gone for a week working somewhere and you step off the plane, buss, or whatever to see your family waiting with joy for you to join them once again.  That feeling when you are so overcome with joy, it seems as if you can barely walk. 

 I get the same feeling when I go home toBaltimoreand see my family laboring in the field there.  My heart bursts for the joy of seeing them and breaks for the knowledge of their struggle in the gospel.  I had the rare opportunity this summer to let my students know how this feels when I took them with me toBaltimore.  It was a wonderful experience in worship and joining the mission.

 I have been spending time every Thursday praying for my brothers and sisters who work for Gospel forAsia and Voice of the Martyrs.  (You can learn more about them here: GFA and VOM).  There are a great many of the brothers and sisters who are living their lives out, serving our King in the most dangerous of places.  When I see their stories and hear their messages, I weep for joy at the Gospel.  It is difficult to explain, but it is true. 

 You see, God has given us a family beyond our eyes ability to see it.  He has granted us love across the continents.  When we meet like minded brothers and sisters who serve the King, we meet family!  There is no deep moral, or application to this.  I just wanted to share what I have been feeling.  I miss my family (that is: the Christians who serve the King, both in Baltimore and around the world).  But I know one day we will all gather in our Home, after what sometimes feels like eons of toil and labor on this earth, what a wonderful day that will be.


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