Mission to Baltimore Reflections, Day One

We loaded the buss and immediately settled in for a thirty hour drive in a buss with just enough room for your knees to touch the seat in front of you. After about four hours people begin to run out of conversation and eyes start to turn to the scenery. So, in line with everyone else, my own eyes drifted to the window.
In East Texas, the sky is vast and the land feels incredibly open and clear. In reality, there are simply no hills and the trees are large shrubs at best. Therefore, it feels like the sky is huge! However, as we rode the buss away from Texas, the trees began to grow. The sky began to shrink. And a subtle reality began to settle over me.
In Texas, I feel like a giant! I feel as though I am master over my land. But as I watched the world around me grow to immense heights, I realized how small I am. In Mississippi, trees began their towering ascent to the heavens. In Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee (I think we went through those states), the land began to raise the trees up on shoulders. Our buss transformed out of the powerful height from which we looked down on the world, into the tiny cab in which we looked up at the world.
A startling realization struck me when we arrived in Virginia. We are small. We are small and subject to God’s hand in all things. We are not merely little! We are in all ways small, weak, and in need. The Bible refers to these towering trees and mountains as a footstool for God. I am a speck compared to such giants! This great reality leads me to consider humility. It is only when I am humble that I can see the greatness of God. If I think myself so grand, I will never be able to enjoy the vast nature of God’s character. G.K. Chesterton says it well, “One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.” So, I must place my perspective in the valley, looking up at the mountain peaks. I must become the least in order to see the glory of God. I must consider everything and everyone as greater than myself. Otherwise I will always think myself on the mountain peak and thereby never see the great things.
Humility opens our eyes to see the glory of God. So, let’s live in the valley.

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