Flash Prayers

About a month and a half ago I was struggling with a feeling of anxiousness towards some people and truely a feeling of uncertainty. I shared with my small group that meets on Thursday night (which is AWESOME) and one of the men pulled me aside and said, “I think God just wants you to be quiet and watch Him do it.” So I tried it… Amazing!
I’ve been wonderfully blessed lately to see God answer prayer. Francis Chan explains that one of the differeinces between our God and others is that our God listens to us. I’ve been touched by this reality… especially lately. It has been my delight to lift up seemingly trivial matters to the Lord and watch Him work, without me saying a word. Someone has a head ache… I pray, “God could you heal this, please… that would be awesome.” Someone is depressed, “God could you bring them joy” Somone is anxious, “Lord give them peace” Somone is angry, “Lord give them love and calm them down” Somone is foolish, “Lord give them wisdom.” Someone denies the Gospel, “Lord save them.” And on and on and on.
God is good! He has answered soooo much, just in the last week alone.
So try it… pray. You don’t have to say anything outloud or light candles or speak in a breathy tone voice. Just pray. It’s awesome!


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