When you became my chief poem

When You became my chief
Music began, Noise ceased
Every fruitless thing faded
My glory my name my self was traded

for something…

Something free that cost me my everything,
But grants me more than my eyes could ever see
More than this world could ever give to me
More than our hearts could ever receive

More and more and more…

When you became my Joy
The sound of creation became my delight
Obedience my life
Submission my desire,
and on You I set my entire


Knowing full well only you can see me. Really see me…

My life, my family, my toys, my successes,
my romances, my self exalting joys,
I count as loss, only You, only You,
only You through the cross!
All else faded save your grace,
entertainment became a waist
Of time, of intellect, of life, of truth
A waist of everything that once was of use

When you became my desire
All material things became as ash in my stomach
As gravel in my soul, weighing me down
No pulling me down, down, down into the pit
Stripping me of my delight while I lay blinded
Until you taught me the joy of Your presence
You answered my cry and pulled me from despair
And I finally breath the air of You… delight
Here earthly treasures fade
My Joy is You, my goal beyond the grave

Now you are my desire, my joy, my chief, and my song
My soul filled with wonder my heart longs
To hear of your Grace, to sing of your beauty
My delight my hope my dreams rest in You

Oh LORD speak now! Let us hear Your truth!
Then turn us with hearts laden with praise
Give our hearts song, give our souls love, give our minds truth
But Lord, Oh LORD give us You.


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