The Chasm

REVIEW OF The Chasm: by Randy Alcorn

The Chasm  is an abridgement of Alcorn’s book The Edge of Eternity.  In this abridgement Alcorn focuses on one of the many portions of this magnificent allegory.  There is a chasm that must be crossed to reach the city of ”Charis” (heaven).  Ultimate joy lay on the other side of the Chasm and deceit and falsehood lay in the shadow-lands behind.  We follow Nick Seagrave as he travels the red road to Charis.  The characters that Alcorn writes about are vivid and powerfully relatable.  We’ve all met the crazy saints that seem so terrifyingly obsessed with Christ.  We’ve all met the false messiahs who look great and promise life and only deliver death.  We will all see the woodsman who can make away.  The Chasm is a powerful allegory that will encourage any reader.  It is short and easy to read. 

However, due to the nature of abridgement, much of the detail is passed over in The Chasm.  Alcorn strives to catch the reader up to the middle of the larger work The Edge of Eternity, yet the details of the first work are so paramount it is difficult to grasp the second without it.  If this is your first introduction to Alcorn, it is a worthy read.  However, if you are an avid reader, I would recommend finding the larger work and digging deep into the allegory.


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